Louis completes F1 test preparations in Brazil

Louis Delétraz successfully completed the first phase of preparation for his maiden Formula 1 test when he joined Haas F1 Team at the Brazilian Grand Prix last weekend.

The 21-year-old has been recruited to drive a Haas VF-18 chassis during the second day of a tyre test directly after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (23-25 November).

His first F1 experience is being supported by ADSS Group, the financial services company that has been one of Louis’ strongest backers during his successful motorsport career.

To ensure he’s fully integrated into his new team ahead of his outing at Yas Marina Circuit later this month, Louis joined his new colleagues at Haas F1 Team during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to fully immerse myself into the team during a real Grand Prix weekend and to learn how things work and what’s expected,” the Swiss driver explained. “I definitely learned plenty and met a lot of great people that made me feel welcome. The whole experience was amazing and I’m looking forward to more of the same in Abu Dhabi.”

As well as completing a seat fit at Interlagos, Louis also worked with engineers to find optimum pedal, steering wheel and seat belt positions for his first F1 test. He took part in the pre-race pit stop drills.

Louis then spent time observing the team at work during the Free Practice and Qualifying sessions, while listening to the radio communications from the pit wall. He also attended all the team debriefs.

He said: “I was completely in the action and it was fascinating to hear and see all the detail behind the work that drives the performance. The technology and detail that goes into an F1 race weekend is really impressive.”

Louis will undertake the second phase of his Abu Dhabi test preparation on 20 November when he drives the Haas F1 Team simulator for the first time.


Louis’ Brazilian GP schedule:



Arrives at Interlagos, the home of the Brazilian Grand Prix

Completes seat fit for Abu Dhabi test Works with car crew to find optimum pedal, steering wheel and seat belt positions

Given information to learn functions on Haas F1 Team steering wheel


Takes part in pre-race pit stop practice

Climbs aboard Romain Grosjean’s race car for the drills

Continues to work with engineers to establish relationships and understanding


Invited to sit on the pit wall and listen to radio communication between team and drivers during FP1 and FP2

Attends post-session debriefs to listen to feedback and understand objectives


Returns to the pit wall and listens to radio communication during FP3 and qualifying

Attends post-session debrief to listen to feedback and plans for Sunday’s race


Joins the mechanics and engineers in the Haas F1 Team pit box for the Grand Prix

Listens to all radio communications as the team scores a double points finish.

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